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e-waste Collection
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Posted by: Jeeta Gandhi
Location: Contact: wocomputer@gmail.com

We will be accepting e-waste from the community all year round on TUESDAYS only. Drop-off your e-waste on the e-waste cart in the hallway behind the office. While we will take any e-waste, we are particularly interested in e-waste that can be taken-apart and disassembled. Many things are interesting to take apart - old floppy disks, mice, CD player, disposable cameras, old phones, cheap remote controlled cars, the free electronic toys from McDs, fans, typewriters, old radios, printers ... the list is endless. Our school will run a take-apart lab a couple of weeks before our April rummage sale when we dispose of the e-waste. Raise money for the school, safely dispose of your ewaste and support out-of-box learning for our kids :) Thank you!