Washington Open Elementary School


Several student activities are offered at Washington Open. Through these activities students can learn to exercise leadership, cooperation, and community support.

Green Team (4th)kids-recycling.jpg

The Green Team is formed by 4th grade volunteers and help keep our environment green! The Green Team educates fellow students about recycling. They meet weekly on Wednesday to collect recyclables and discuss ways to keep our planet clean.

Lunch Duty (4th)

4th grade students take responsibilities by helping in the cafeteria during the lunch hour.

Safety Patrol (5th)

All 5th graders participate in the Safety Patrol program and take responsibilities in controlling traffic at drop-off and pick-up hours for our safety.

Student Council (1st through 5th)

The Student Council consists of one or two students from 1st through 5th grades. The council meets once a week during the lunch break to discuss school activities. They also run some fun events such as Valentine grams.

Student Leaders (4th and 5th)

The Student Leaders Team is formed by 4th and 5th grade volunteers who help solve problems and organize activities during recess so that our students can enjoy a safe and healthy environment. They also help teachers by supervising K through 3rd during recess on rainy days. They meet once a week on Wednesdays and receive leadership training.