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Enrollment Process

What is the Enrollment Process?

Welcome to Washington Open Elementary School

Please visit the SCUSD Open Enrollment pages for all of your enrollment needs. Next, you will attend a Classroom Observation at Washington Open. Observation in the classroom is essential for making the correct educational decision for your child as we want you to see first-hand and understand the kind of commitment needed by every family to make an "Open" school program successful.  

If more students apply than the capacity of the grade, there will be a random, unbiased lottery selection process that is fair to all students. Children not placed initially through the lottery will be placed on a waiting list for spots in the program.


Are students from outside the school district able to enroll?


No, we are unable to accept applications from families residing outside the school district. We are locally funded, not state funded. This means that local property taxes from within our school district boundaries provide funding to educate children of families who live within the school district boundaries. We do not receive outside funding to educate students who live outside of the district. To provide the best possible education for residents of the district, the Board of Trustees adopted a policy restricting the transfer of students into the district from outside of our boundaries. This policy is sensitive to the families who have been part of our district for many years, yet balances the need to preserve local funds for educating school district residents.