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Our Library

Click on the Washington Open Library Catalog link or on the magnifying glass icon to the left to search Washington Open's library catalog.

Throughout the year the W.O library will feature:

  • The work of different authors from EASY READER (k-3 grade) and FICTION (3-5 grade) 
  • Genres and how to find them (Mystery, Historical Fiction, Science Fiction) (2-5 grade)
  • The California Young Reader Medal Nominations and vote on their favorite (All grades)
  • Nonfiction sections and themes that relate to what they are studying in the classroom (1st- 5th)
  • Biographies and where to find them? (4th and 5th)
  • Poetry, what types and where to find them (3rd grade)
  • Fairy tale, Fables and Folktales and what are their differences (1st-2nd grade)
  • Lessons related to parts of a book (k-2 grades), how to find a just right book (k-3 grades) and how to use the library. (3-5 grades)

Check outs and library visits

  • All classes visit 1 time a week 
  • 30 minutes for Kinder- 3rd 
  • 45 minutes for 4-5 graders
  • Kinder and 1st grade can check out 1 book a week
  • 2nd-5th can check out up to 2 books a week
  • Books can be renewed 2 times
  • There are no late fees in elementary school but the student will not be allowed to check out a new book until the previous book(s) is returned.
  • If a book is damaged or lost the student and parents are responsible for the paying for the book.
  • All books and fees related to lost books are due the last week of school 

Entertaining Library Links to try out at home

Play the book shelving game
Check out whats in our W.O Library
Review this years California Young Reader Medal Nominations 
Read a favorite book with a famous Actor or Actress
New!  Click below to try out Britannica School Elementary.  If you do not have login information, see our school Librarian.Britannica School Elementary Logo and Link