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WOPFG - Parent Board

Welcome to the Washington Open Parent Faculty Group

Executive Board

Being a parent-participation school, parents bring a lot to Washington Open. The Parent Board helps coordinate the numerous parent volunteer activities and helps raise funds to support unique programs at our school. The Washington Open Parent Faculty Group is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Each position filled by a parent keeps our school strong and running smoothly! Whatever your strengths and talents are, there is probably a need that matches perfectly. Think about what you do well, or what you enjoy doing, and don't hesitate to volunteer. This generous giving of time and talent by the parents is a major factor in what makes our school, and our children, successful!

Executive Board Meetings

The Executive Board of the Washington Open Parent Faculty Group meets once monthly on the second Tuesday in the evenings The time, location, and agenda of the meeting are posted in advance. All the business of the Parent Faculty Group is conducted at these meetings. Every Washington Open parent is welcome to attend the Board Meetings. You may also present an item for the agenda by calling the Board President.