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Parent Job Information

How Parents Support The Classroom

Washington Open’s program was created with the knowledge that the "Open" classroom concept
is dependent on parent participation. We have created a culture that is beneficial to your whole family. Your child will benefit from an enriched education. The adults benefit from the supportive community that our
program has established, parenting education, and team-building skills. With your time and effort, we all can benefit from the Washington Open culture.

Over 40 years of bringing parents into the classroom, Washington Open has developed a parent participation program that is the most effective for working with students and engaging parents in the classroom. The following guidelines are what we ask of our enrolled families, but are not conditions of enrollment at Washinton Open.


Ideally, families volunteer 4 hours a week in the classroom or for the school. Consistency is
necessary to establish connections between students and adults working in the classroom, and for the teacher to be able to plan for the day. If there is a day you are unable to make a scheduled volunteer workday due to illness or family emergency, we request that you communicate with your teacher and class coordinator as soon as possible and try to find a substitute, if possible. One suggestion is to send a message to your class volunteer list to see if anyone is available to switch volunteer workdays with you.

To make sure all students and our teachers are supported throughout the year, each family is asked, but not required, to take on a classroom job. Each job is necessary for running our program and maintaining the classroom for the year.

Listed below are just some of the jobs that you may do for the classroom or school. However, each teacher may have other jobs unique to their grade and learning environment.

  • Class Coordinator
  • Field Trip Coordinator
  • Insurance Coordinator
  • Class Treasurer
  • Parent Board Rep
  • Technology Coordinator
  • Computer Lab Coordinator
  • Event/Social Coordinator
  • Auction Rep
  • SCRIP Rep
  • Wednesday Envelope Coordinator
  • Yard Duty
  • Art Assistant
  • Photographer

Class Coordinators

Ceramic Coordinators

Field Trip Coordinators

Insurance Coordinators