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Communications, Meetings & Expectations


Washington Open is a very interactive school that thrives on the support of its parent volunteers. The best way to keep track of all the exciting activities, field trips, and volunteer opportunities is to read and respond to the various forms of communication and to attend classroom meetings.

Class Meetings

The information shared during class meetings and your attendance is vital. Class meetings may be called at any time by the teacher. The frequency of class meetings is at their discretion. The time, location, and agenda are determined by the teacher and your input is always appreciated and needed. 

Classroom Bulletin Boards

Each classroom has a bulletin board or wall for posting class work schedules, field trip schedules, sign-up sheets for activities, etc. Check it for new information when you are in the classroom.

Community Bulletin Boards

Community bulletin boards have important reminders and notices posted as well as information about upcoming school and community events. The minutes of the monthly parent organization Executive Board meetings are always posted there. These boards are located in the central hallway of our school.

Conferences/ Progress Reports

There are three designated grading/progress reporting times designated throughout the school year. Progress reports and conferences with the teacher vary depending on the grade and the teacher. Your teacher will inform you what the practices are in his/her classroom. Remember you can approach your teacher at any time with concerns about your child's progress.

General Meetings

There are four general meetings held each year in the evenings in the multipurpose room at the school. The date, time, and agenda of each meeting are published well in advance of the meeting. These meetings provide education and information to the parents. All formal business of the Washington Open Parent Faculty Group that requires a vote of the general membership is conducted at the general meetings. Your attendance ensures that your voice is heard in the community.


The newsletter is distributed in the Wednesday envelopes. It includes class columns that tell the school community about the activities in each class; columns, letters, or articles from the community at large; and a report from the parent group Executive Board President and other Board members as necessary. Deadlines for the Newsletter are published several weeks in advance in the Wednesday Bulletin.

Washington Open Classroom Directory

The Washington Open Classroom Directory is published as soon as possible after the start of school in the fall. It contains listings of: teachers; parent organization Executive Board and committee members; class coordinators; and an alphabetical listing of every family in the Open community with home addresses and telephone numbers, including names of children enrolled at Washington Open. In addition, the Directory has a listing of possible volunteer substitutes for each classroom, a 'phone tree' for the entire community for last minute emergency communications, and a listing of parent volunteer work days. Families and staff may opt out of personal contact information being listed in the Directory by contacting the school office.

Wednesday Folders

A Wednesday Folder goes home with your child each week. The folder contains the Weekly Bulletin, letters from the teacher, general school flyers, announcements, letters from the Principal, the newsletter, monthly cafeteria menus, etc. In addition, some teachers include your child's classwork, homework, art, etc. for your review. Make sure that you review the folder each Wednesday. Read the contents carefully, initial the front of the folder, and return the folder to school with your child on Thursday. Return any papers that require your signature or authorization, orders, etc., in the Folder.

Weekly Bulletin

The Information In the Weekly Bulletin is important to the smooth functioning of the school. It is published on Wednesday each week that school is in session. It includes important notices about meeting dates, times, and topics; classroom notices regarding field trips, items needed in the classroom, etc.; notices about fundraisers; registration information; and a variety of important notices. The Bulletin is distributed to every family in the Wednesday Folder and electronically. You may send a notice for consideration in the Bulletin by contacting the Weekly Bulletin Editor for deadline and notice guidelines.