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Students explored the world using Google Treks.

Washington Open STEM Squad

Using Microscopes for Discovery and Art

Students will learn to use microscopes to discover the world around them. They will sketch their findings and take pictures of them, then use photo editing software to get creative!


9/27/17: Each student assembled a portable microscope, called a foldscope, which can be coupled to a tablet or cell phone to view samples, as well as take pictures and record video of what they see.

Information on Foldscopes

Pixlr Online Photo Editor


10/4/17: Students made slides of their own hair and of flowers from the WO campus using plastic slides and clear nail polish. They can bring samples from home next week, if they want to. Samples should be transparent (insect wings) or very fine (pet hair, mold, pollen).


10/11/17: Students explored high resolution digital portraits of insects. Needless to say, our foldscopes do not offer this degree of detail, but we will be taking our own digital images using the computer lab tablets.

Microsculpture - The Insect Portraits of Levon Biss

Electronic circuits & Simulations

Students explore the basics of electronic circuits and understand the importance of simulations in experimentation. They build basic circuits using Snap Circuit kits and extend the circuits to more complex applications through Minecraft.

Take-apart Tech Club

Students take apart e-Waste electronics and discover how electronic components work and are designed. They will repurpose electronic components from e-waste to create their own experiments and devices. 


Students are currently working on taking apart mice. They have taken apart computer mice, examined the components and learned how each part works. They are currently working on slide shows explaining how they took apart the mice. Next, they will assemble kits for each of their classrooms with detailed instructions on how to take apart a mouse. Later in the semester each student will assemble their very own gamer glove.