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Technology Committee

Technology Committee

Student Working At A ComputerMission Statement

The most important goal of the Technology Committee is to make sure all of the technology resources at the school are working and being utilized.  A secondary goal is to guide the Parent Board in the purchase of new technology.

What Do Technology Committee members do?

The Technology Committee is responsible for selecting and maintaining all technology in use at Washington Open.  This includes all computers, projectors, printers, and software assets.  Washington Open has a budget from the Parent Board that allows purchasing and maintaining technology over and above what is provided by the district.  This allows students to work on more advanced computers and teachers to use the latest high-tech teaching aids.

Individual Technology Committee Classroom Representatives are responsible for the following tasks:
•    At the start of the year they complete a yearly checklist on the classroom computers.
•    Monthly they ensure that all computers are up and running with the latest updates and patches.
•    Attend Technology Committee Meetings.

Technology Committee Meetings

Technology Committee meetings are held roughly once a month during the school year.  They are typically held at 7 PM.  ANYONE who has an interest in technology at Washington Open is encouraged to attend.  Please watch the school news feed for details about upcoming meetings.

Technology Donations

Even though the Technology Committee has a budget that is approved by the Parent Board donations are gladly accepted.  All donations to the school must meet a minimum standard to be accepted.  If you have a donation please contact the Technology Committee Lead for details.